Faculty of Science and Technology

FST Professional Certificate Programme

Our professional certificate programme was developed for management and professional staff who wish to obtain professional certificates from recognised bodies such as UKM.

Food Product Shelf Life Determination

This course covers the critical and scientific discussion on the importance of food shelf life to ensure the quality and safety of food products. Various aspects of food products shelf life including the principles and factors that influence the shelf life of food products will be studied theoretically and practically. The scope of the course includes collaborative and effective discussion on the latest issues, challenges, technologies and methods related to determining the shelf life of food products. Practical on Real Time and Accelerated Shelf Life Testing will also be conducted and critically discussed. Practical will include food products stored at freezing, cold and room temperature in the forms of solid, semi-solid or liquid such as crackers, cordial drinks, chips, etc

Dr. Haslaniza Hashim (017-9109747)

Dr. Norul Syuhada Mohd Razali

Dr. Nurul Aqilah Mohd Zaini

Dr. Soffalina Sofian Seng

Entry requirements are as follows:
i. Certificate/diploma/degree students related to food science or related fields;
i. Certificate/diploma/degree holders related to food science or related fields;
iii. Entrepreneur / food product operator with at least one (1) year of experience working in the food industry

However, for prospective students who are still studying at university, the following conditions must be complied with
before applying to the Professional Certificate program:
i. obtain approval from the Dean of their respective faculties to follow the Professional Certificate program at UKM;
ii. obtain approval from the Dean of their respective faculties to bear more learning load for the relevant semester when following the Professional Certificate program at UKM.

RM 650 (non-UKM applicant)
RM 400 (UKM staff)
RM 300 (UKM student)

5-9 December 2022

Day 1

Food Quality and Date Marking
Food Deterioration
Rate of deteriorative reactions

Day 2
Sample preparation for Real Time Shelf-life Testing
Sample preparation for Accelerated Shelf-Life Testing

Day 3
Real time shelf-life testing
Accelerated shelf-life testing
Data & statistical analysis

Day 4
Real Time and Accelerated Shelf-Life analysis

Day 5
Hands-On Calculation of the data

Face to face lectures

Data Analytics and Visualization Using
Excel and Power Business Intelligence (BI)

Data Analytics is a science that analyses raw data to draw conclusions about certain information to make smart decisions in safeguarding the public interest and maintaining environmental sustainability. The course covers three types of data analysis used in all industries, namely Descriptive Analytics, Diagnostic Analytics and Predictive Analytics.The course will discuss the basic understanding of the concept of data analytics using statistical methods and data visualisation methods using Excel and Power Business Intelligence (BI) software. At the end of the course, students will be able to build graphs, charts, plots, pivot tables and dashboards to conduct analysis and ultimately make quality decisions.

Dr. Wan Rosmanira Ismail (019-3592463)

Dr. Zalina Mohd. Ali

Mrs. Faridatulazna Ahmad Shahabuddin

Dr. Muhamad Hilmi bin Abdul Majid

Entry requirements to the Professional Certificate Program Academic Session 2021/2022 are as follows
the following:-

i. Obtain at least a CGPA of 2.50 in the 3rd year of study and pass the Basic Statistics course for Bachelor of Science students or equivalent;
i. Obtain at least a GPA of 3.00 in the current year of study and pass the Basic Statistics course for Master of Science or equivalent students;
iii. Have a minimum of 1 year of work experience for non-student candidates.

Package A (without food)

RM 200.00 (UKM student)

RM 300.00 (non-UKM student / UKM staff)

RM 1200.00 (non-UKM professional)


Package B (with food throughout the course)

RM 450.00 (pelajar UKM)

RM 550.00 (non-UKM student / UKM staff)

RM 1450.00 (non-UKM professional)

Face to face lectures