Faculty of Science and Technology


A warm welcome to all visitors who browse our website of the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Although FST was only established on 19 July 1999, the existence of science studies at UKM started way 51 years ago when UKM was established. This indicates the timeline of FST’s involvement in science for education and research began 51 years ago when the original Faculty of Science was established in 1970.

As the seventh dean appointed, I would like to inform you that FST is one of the largest faculties in UKM, offering 21 undergraduate programs covering more than 20 areas of pure and applied science with specialization through management-based on the expertise of FST academics. Undergraduate students are not only able to deepen the field of science they are involved in but also could gain knowledge in various other fields of science through social science studies as well as the opportunity to enhance the citra of the university through courses that further enhance their skills in management, communication, and computer.

The FST undergraduate programs are designed with a package that enables its graduates to be competitive and embark on the world of working across fields for the latest challenge and demands of the new millennium. I am confident that the experience gained during the studies years at FST will provide good competitiveness either to continue to survive in the working environment or to pursue research to a higher level.

Postgraduate students are allowed to follow and conduct a variety of research supervised by FST academics with local and foreign experience as well as research inclinations in the latest fields of science. FST always plays an important role in research progression to generate new knowledge and scientific discoveries that can be used as the catapult of development for the country.

FST academics are very active in research and have gained recognition from international bodies, including chartered bodies as well as received the most influential researcher award in their respective fields of study. In addition, the academics received more than 15 million domestic and foreign funds for the advancement and development of science, technology, and innovation. FST’s science and technology research capabilities have been proven as its academics have achieved various successes nationally and internationally.

Science and technology will play an important role in the development and progress of the country during this challenging and uncertain situation. I am confident that FST will face the challenges with confidence and address it successfully through its strength, namely its study and research programs.


Background and Objectives


To produce excellence human capital who:

  • Knowledgeable and skilled in selected Science & Technology field
  • Competitive and leader for betterment changes
  • Skilled installation for critical thinking, creative and innovative
  • Be of good character, high ethics, positive and open attitude, responsible, highly motivated, self -confident, disciplined, and independent.
  • Community and the environment concern member and sensitive towards community and country needs
  • Proficient in communication and writing in Malay and English
  • High capability to use information and communication technology
  • Ability to conduct research in their respective organizations
  • Interested in the latest knowledge and tends to learn lifelong.

Principle, Fore Sight, Mission and Goals


FST supports the goal of the establishment of UKM to produce a skilled workforce and intellectual society in the field of science and technology based on UKM Philosophy, which combine faith in God with useful knowledge and a combination of theory and practice.


FST is determined to be a leading education centre and science and technology knowledge provider, forming a knowledgeable, dynamic, innovative, and virtuous society.


Committed to being an ultimate knowledge centre that emphasizes world -class education and research.


The Faculty of Science and Technology was determined to achieve the following goals:
  • Leading, generating and disseminating knowledge of science and technology that is beneficial to the global community
  • To produce human capital who is knowledgeable, dynamic, innovative, and virtuous
  • To internationalize the image of the faculty
  • Venerating Malay language as the language of knowledge.

Learning Strategies

  • Learning that builds the ability to think, critical evaluation, problem-solving oriented as well as that enables effective communication.
  • An integrated education program guided by human development and knowledge ultimatum that built future leaders with knowledge, society, and industry attributes.
  • Academic programs are based on input from scientists, industry, and employers’ perspective.
  • Effective learning-teaching methods and technologies, based on best management practise methods.
  • Organized, controlled, monitored, and continuous assessment and evaluation methods.
  • Academic programs that keep abreast of the latest developments in research.
  • Trained instructors and technical team.
  • Comfortable, cheerful, and interesting learning atmosphere.

Official Flower

SENDUDUK (Melastoma malabathricum)

The Senduduk has several flower buds in one bouquet. This reflects the unity and consensus of FST’s member. The purple colour of the flowers symbolizes the commitment of every FST’s member. The yellow stamens represent a variety of research that brings together various fields of knowledge and research. The purple stamens also reveal the scholarity of FST academics.Its five flower petals are interpreted as five Unified Schools creating a well -established Faculty. The ability of the senduduk to live in a variety of environments reflects the ability of FST’s member to adapt to challenging situations and circumstances.

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