FST Postgraduate


Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering that applies principles of chemistry, physics, and mathematics to design, develop, and optimize chemical processes and equipment. Subjects related to chemical engineering include thermodynamics, process design and optimization, reaction kinetics, catalysts, and reactors, separation processes, process control, design of safety systems and chemical engineering principles to biological systems.

FST experts

Assoc. Prof. Ts. ChM. Dr. Darfizzi bin Derawi

PhD (UKMalaysia)

✉️ darfizzi@ukm.edu.my

Expertise: Oleochemistry, Catalysis for Bioenergy, Advanced Biofuels, Mesoporous Silica, Hazard & Risk Management

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Saiful Irwan Zubairi

PhD (London)

✉️ saiful-z@ukm.edu.my

Expertise: Food Bioprocessing, Food Engineering, Food Technology, Biomaterial, Chemical Engineering

ChM. Dr. Mohamad Azuwa bin Mohamed

PhD (UKMalaysia)

✉️ mazuwaa@ukm.edu.my

Expertise: Photocatalysis/Photoelectrocatalysis Electrocatalysis/Catalysis Biomimetic Materials Functional Catalytic Membrane Functional Cellulose

Dr. Nurfatimah binti Mohd Thani



Expertise: Food Engineering, Thermal Processing, High-Pressure Processing, Biomass Conversion, Food Processing