FST Postgraduate


Environmental engineering is the scientific study of using engineering principles to improve environment, including air, water, land, and natural resources, as well as providing clean water, air, and land for humans and other organisms to live on and cleaning up polluted sites. Environmental engineering covers major topics in environmental service provision, such as water supply, wastewater treatment, sustainable resource management, and pollution control. It entails the design and construction of water and wastewater treatment plants, buildings, and industrial infrastructure, the fate and transport of contaminants in air, surface water, groundwater, and soil as well as the development of remediation strategies to keep these environments safe for public health and ecological services. The course emphasises the practical application of technical knowledge such as mathematics and physical sciences, as well as their applications to all areas of environmental engineering to real-world and societal problems.

FST experts

Prof. Dr. Marlia Mohd. Hanafiah

PhD (RUN, The Netherlands)


Expertise: Life Cycle Assessment, Techno-Economic Analysis, Material Flow Analysis, Carbon Footprinting, Wastewater Treatment,

Dr. Nurul `Ain Abdul Jalil

BEng, MEng, PhD (UKM)

✉️ nurulain@ukm.edu.my

Expertise: Solid Waste Management

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azhar Abdul Halim

BSc (UKM), MSc, PhD (USM)


Expertise: Water and wastewater treatment, Water quality, Environmental chemistry, Environmental analytical chemistry.

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd Hariri Arifin

B.Sc., M.Sc. (UKM), PhD (USM, Malaysia)


Expertise: Enviromental Geophysics, Engineering Geophysics, Geothermal Exploration, Groundwater