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Microbiology is the study of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. Microbiology research encompasses a wide range of topics, from the molecular and cellular biology of microorganisms to the interactions between microorganisms and their hosts, the environment, and other microorganisms. Some of the major areas of focus in microbiology research include microbial genetics, pathogenesis, microbial ecology, and biotechnology. The findings from microbiology research have many practical applications, such as in medicine, agriculture, environmental science, and biotechnology. Microbiology research is important for understanding the fundamental processes that govern life, and for addressing many of the challenges facing society today, such as developing new antimicrobial therapies, improving food safety, and advancing biotechnology for sustainable production of food, fuel, and other products. The scope of microbiology research continues to expand as new technologies and applications are developed, making it a dynamic and exciting field.

FST experts

Prof. Dr. Aidil Abdul Hamid

PhD (Hull)


Expertise: Microbial Physiology/ Microbial Biochemistry/ Fermentation Technology

Prof. Dr. Kalaivani a/p K. Nadarajah

PhD (Univ. Of East Anglia)

✉️ vani@ukm.edu.my

Expertise: Plant Microbe Interaction, Plant Biotic And Abiotic Stresses, Soil Microbial Remediation

Prof. Dr. Sahilah binti Abd. Mutalib

PhD (UPMalaysia)

✉️ sahilah@ukm.edu.my

Expertise: Food Microbiology and Halal Science

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Munir Abd Murad

PhD (Aberdeen)


Expertise: Microbial Biotechnology, Applied Microbiology, Molecular Mycology, Plant-Microbe Interactions

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nazlina bt. Ibrahim

PhD (Warwick)

✉️ nazlina@ukm.edu.my

Expertise: Molecular Virology, Toxicology, Antimicrobial Activity, Immunology, DNA Recombinant Technology

Dr. Babul Airianah Othman

PhD (University of Edinburgh)


Expertise: Microbial and Plant Polysaccharide Biochemistry, Food Biotechnology, Functional Food

Dr. Izwan Bharudin

PhD (Univ. of Liverpool, UK)

✉️ ibb@ukm.edu.my

Expertise: Fungal Biology, Microbial Genomics, Plant Pathogens, Biological Control, Antarctic Microbes

Dr. Izyanti Ibrahim

PhD (Dublin)


Expertise: Protein Biochemistry, Enzymology

Dr. Jasper E. James

PhD (UKMalaysia)

✉️ jasper.james@ukm.edu.my

Expertise:Molecular Mycology, Antifungal Drug Resistance Mechanisms, Drug-efflux Pump Proteins, Yeast Genetic Engineering, Transcriptomics

Dr. Johari Jalinas

PhD (Univ. of Alicante, Valencia, Spain.)

✉️ johari_j@ukm.edu.my

Expertise: Insect Pest Management, Biological Control, Insect Pathogens, Bioacoustics

Dr. Mohamed Yusuf bin Mohamed Nazir

PhD (Shandong University of Technology, China)


Expertise: Microbial Biotechnology, Fermentation and bioprocess technology, Food Microbiology and Biotechnology

Dr. Mohd Asif bin Mohd Sukri

PhD (UKMalaysia)


Expertise: Antibiotic Resistance In Bacteria, Pathogenesis Of Bacteria, Virus Genomics, And Emerging Infectious Disease

Dr. Mohd Fareed Mohd Sairi

PhD (Sydney)


Expertise: Applied Microbiology, Bioprospecting, Machine learning application, Antimicrobial peptide

Dr. Nazlina Haiza binti Mohd Yasin

PhD (Kyushu Institute of Tech.)


Expertise: Environmental Biotechnology, Bioprocess Technology, Biorefinery, Renewable Energy

Dr. Nur `Aqilah binti Mustafa Bakray

PhD (Aberdeen)



Dr. Nur Hazlin binti Hazrin Chong

PhD (Univ. of NSW, Australia)

✉️ hazlin@ukm.edu.my

Expertise: Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Biotechnology, Microbial Ecology

Dr. Nur Hidayah Jamar

PhD (The University of Manchester, United Kingdom)


Expertise: Applied Microbiology, Food Toxicology

Ts. Dr. Nurul Aqilah binti Mohd Zaini

PhD (Reading)


Expertise: Food Microbiology, Food Bioprocess, Fermentation Technology, Purification Technology, Reutilisation of Food Waste

Dr. Sylvia Chieng

PhD (UKMalaysia)


Expertise: Microbial genomics, Infectious disease, Microbial leaching, Host-pathogen interaction, Diagnosis biomarker

Dr. Wan Syaidatul Aqma binti Wan Mohd Noor

PhD (Dublin)


Expertise: Environmental Microbiology, Bioremediation, Environmental Biotechnology