UKM Animal Ethical Committee (UKMAEC)

 All Life Deserves Protection


Please download the appropriate forms. Each application must have THREE (3) items :

  1. Borang Permohonan UKMAEC (Select either Category 1  OR Category 2   OR Aquatic Research   OR Toxicity Study, accordingly)
  2. Borang Saringan UKMAEC (Applicant must fill-up the form before submission)
  3. Senarai Semak UKMAEC (This is a guide to ensure the application is complete before submission)

Here is the definition of the categories :


Category 1Category 2Toxicity StudyAquatic Research
Animals are subjected to drugs, surgery, manipulation or testing prior to sacrifice for the whole body, tissue or fluid sampling.No treatment to the animal. Only whole body, tissue or body fluid will be used for the works. OR Apply for additional animals for research that has been approved previously.Toxicity Test by Bioserasi UKMStudy uses aquatic or marines as subject


Please download the relevant forms from the list below :

Borang Permohonan UKMAEC Kategori – 1 (BO01)

Borang Saringan Permohonan UKMAEC Kategori – 1 (BO02)

Borang Permohonan UKMAEC Kategori – 2 (BO03)

Borang Saringan Permohonan UKMAEC Kategori – 2 (BO04)

Borang Permohonan Penyelidikan Akuatik (Aquatic Research)


Toxicity Study : Borang Permohonan Ujian Toksisiti UKM UKMAEC (BO05)

Checklist for all forms before submission :  Senarai-Semak-UKMAEC 2022

End Project Report Form : Borang Tamat Kajian-BO06