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Transformational Innovative Maverick (TIM) Sdn. Bhd. – CITRA-UKM Cooperation

SDG: 4 & 17 20 July 2023. School of Liberal Studies (PPCU) received a delegation from Transformational Innovative Maverick (TIM) Sdn. Bhd. The delegation, led

Program Kenali Sains Citra with Pre-University Students from Kajang High School

Venue: Auditorium Siswa at Pusanika, PTSL, and around UKM SDG: 4 12 July 2023. Program Kenali Citra (Get to Know Citra) is a targeted promotional

Citra UKM Captstone Colloquium

SDG: 4 & 9 The School for Liberal Studies (PPCU) held a student colloquium at the CITRA Meeting Room on July 10–11, 2023. The programme

FUD UIN RMS Indonesia – Citra-UKM Cooperation Visit

SDG: 3 & 17 The School of Liberal Studies (CITRA-UKM) hosted a delegation from Fakultas Ushuluddin dan Dakwah, UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta (FUD UIN


The School for Liberal Studies (PPCU) paid a visit to various leading Japan higher education institutions such as the University Of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Tokyo

Prof Dr. Yasuki Kono appointed as PPCU International Editor

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s School of Liberal Studies (PPCU) has created another step to advance internationally through the appointment of another member of PPCU’s international advisory board. Prof.

Graduate Student Research Proposal Examination Report Presentation

Last week, the Graduate Committee, UKM Pusat Pengajian Citra Universiti (School of Liberal Studies)(PPCU), UKM held a session on the Presentation of the Examination Report of

Workshop ‘Digital Tools For Language Teaching & Learning’

Date       : 15 June 2023 (Thursday) Venue    : Citra Meeting Room, Citra University Study Center Speaker : PM Dr. Harwati Hashim, Deputy

Stress Management Workshop: Manage Emotions, Build Potential

Date: 9 June 2023 (Friday) Venue: PPCU Meeting Room Speaker: Puan Siti Atiqah Moamat Mastam, Psychological Officer, HEP Counseling Unit, UKM Organizers: JK Strengthening Teaching

LMRS1512 Student Visit to UKM’s Solar Energy Research Institute (Seri)

Meeting between PPCU Malay instructors and Prof. Dr. Khairul Anwar Mastor, Dean of the University’s School of Citra Studies, was conducted on June 8, 2023,