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FUD UIN RMS Indonesia – Citra-UKM Cooperation Visit

FUD UIN RMS Indonesia – Citra-UKM Cooperation Visit

SDG: 3 & 17

The School of Liberal Studies (CITRA-UKM) hosted a delegation from Fakultas Ushuluddin dan Dakwah, UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta (FUD UIN RMS), Indonesia, on July 5-6, 2023, led by Prof. Dr. Islah, dean of FUD UIN RMS. Prof. Dr. Khairul Anwar Mastor, dean of CITRA-UKM, and other staff welcomed the delegation. The two parties met in the CITRA-UKM meeting room to launch the CITRA UKM-FUD UIN RMS Seminar with the theme “Managing Post-Pandemic Mental Health Issues from an Islamic Psychological Perspective.” The visit is expected to strengthen cooperation between the two organisations.

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