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Citra UKM Delegation @ Kyoto University

Citra UKM Delegation @ Kyoto University

Alhamdulillah, the Citra University Study Centre (CITRA UKM) senior professors and researchers have enhanced the research network and collaboration in the land of the rising sun.

Leading this delegation were Prof. Associate Dr. Mashitoh Yaacob, Prof. Associate Dr. Tan Kim Hua, a CITRA UKM Guest Scholar, and two young CITRA UKM researchers, Drs. Wardah Mustafa Din and Ahmad Firdhaus Arham.

The official meeting with Prof. Dr. Yasuyuki Kono (Vice-President for International Strategy) and Chisato Saito (Deputy Director for ASEAN Centre) served as the beginning of the collaboration network agreement.

The delegation then got the chance to participate in a round table discussion to talk about the research partnership between CITRA UKM and the Centre for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS KU). Professor Dr. Fumiharu Mieno (Director CSEAS KU), Professor Dr. Hayami Yoko, Professor Dr. Noboru Ishikawa, Associate Professor Dr. Hiroyuki Yamamoto, and Associate Professor Dr. Masayuki Yanagisawa moderated this debate. I’m hoping that the partnership between Kyoto University and CITRA UKM will continue to be bolstered by high-impact research collaboration. The team also had the chance to see and learn about Japanese herbal plants when they went to the Takeda Garden for Medicinal Plant Conservation in Kyoto.

Hopefully, Citra will continue to shine for UKM, and MARA will remain one of the most esteemed faculties. The top management of UKM, who consistently encourage networking efforts and worldwide research collaborations, is grateful for CITRA UKM.


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