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Industry Cooperation Visit to AIRASIA Academy Office

Industry Cooperation Visit to AIRASIA Academy Office

On March 23, 2023, the Airasia Academy Office in Kuala Lumpur hosted an industry cooperation visit from the industry committee of CITRA University Study Centre, UKM.

Among other things, this trip aims to talk about Air Asia representatives’ “Citra Industry Talk,” Citra UKM students’ Work-Based Learning (WBL) assignments at AirAsia, and other suitable joint ventures.

The following individuals represented the CITRA University Study Centre, UKM delegation:

Dr. Rozita Ibrahim (Head of Delegation)
Prof. Associate Dr. Hassan Kasan
Dr. Iszan Hana Kaharudin
Mrs. Wan Nur’ashiqin Wan Mohamad
Mrs. Sufeera Rahmad
Mr. Muhammad Yazid Othman

While Ikhlas (subsidiary of Airasia) and Airasia Academy are represented by


Mrs. Fara Hasan
Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Ikhlas Kamarudin
Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Moon
General Manager

Mr. Wafie
Sales and Partnership

Air Asia Academy

Mr. Imran Adly
Business Strategy & Development Manager

Mr. Daniel
Business Development

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