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Industry Talk @ Citra – Durioo Sdn. Bhd.

Industry Talk @ Citra – Durioo Sdn. Bhd.

7 JUNE 2023, BANGI Together with Durioo Sdn. Bhd., Citra University Study Centre hosted an industry talk session at Citra.

Pusat Pengajian Citra Universiti, UKM, and Durioo Sdn Bhd have joined forces to create this programme, which seeks to assist students in providing learning that is more efficient and pertinent to the most recent industry. The Durioo Sdn. Bhd. the delegation, which included Mohd Arif bin Roslan (Apprentice l Citra Batch 2) and Mrs. Nurul Huda binti Zainal (Head of Operations & Experience), Mrs. Nurul Nabila binti Abdul Manap (People & Culture), and Ms. Hijazida binti Hamdan (Creative Producer), participated in this programme.

Puan Nurul Huda binti Zainal has provided some background information about Durioo Sdn. Bhd. He also discussed the fast-expanding creative sector and the animation business in this nation. He also discussed crucial elements in the creation of artistic goods, which are regarded as the community’s top pick. Both Miss Hijazida binti Hamdan, a former Citra student who is currently employed at Durioo Sdn. Bhd., and Mohd Arif bin Roslan, a Citra student who is currently enrolled in Work Based Learning (WBL) at Durioo Sdn. Bhd., participated in this session and shared their experiences.

For Citra students who are interested in participating in Work-Based Learning (WBL) at Durioo Sdn. Bhd., an interview session was also organised as part of this programme. An organisation called Durioo Sdn. Bhd. produces cartoons for kids that are Islamic for the global market. Durioo is an animation publisher as well as a software business that will provide streaming services that can be seen on mobile devices, tablets, smart TVs, android boxes, and other devices.

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