PharmUpdate : 39th Convocation of UKM: 79 Pharmacy Students Graduated! 1


Date : 22nd until 27th of September 2011
Programme Name : 39th Convocation of University Kebangsaan Malaysia
Theme : Apresiasi Melestari Kecemerlangan
Aim : To uphold the name and image of University Kebangsaan Malaysia in the eyes of local community.

A lot of programmes were conducted during this event such as Malaysia Book of Records, Explore Race and Upin Ipin In The House. The closing ceremony was officiated by Chancellor of University Kebangsaan Malaysia at Pentas Utama. Exhibition was also held which involved all of the faculties and each had their own booth for the exhibition. Faculty of Pharmacy was in charged of conducting an exhibition on asthma and tobacco control. The exhibition was held at Dewan Gemilang. Both undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy students were responsible for the exhibition. During exhibition, we presented medications on asthma as well as promoted our faculty to the public. Besides, the way on how to administer the medication and the way of preparing emulsion were demonstrated by those on duty. Green Lung members were there as well to explain on smoking cessation.

Preparation of emulsion.
Peak flow meter test: self-monitoring of asthma

The Convocation Day of our faculty fell on 27th of September 2011, which was a memorable Tuesday to our beloved seniors. All of the lecturers and seniors gathered at UKM’s Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak (DECTAR), waiting for award of certificates. On that day, all the graduated seniors had broad smile on their face and not to forget a must to-do-thing during convocation was that they threw their mortar board highly up to the sky. That day would become the last page of seniors’ UKM life.

To seniors who graduated year 2010/2011: Congratulation on your success! All the best in your future undertakings and May God Bless You All!

To pharmacy students who are still fighting your ways through, don’t you want to be like them? Stay Motivated and let’s be a great pharmacist!

Big Family


Yay! Happy ending!

                                                                     Reported by: Goh Jing Yi

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