A Sharing Session with PMFfar (Persatuan Mahasiswa Fakulti Farmasi) 1

On the 24th of November 2016, a sharing session was held with the pharmacy students in Hall 2. PMFfar with the motto of ‘Together Aspire Together Achieve’ had held this session in order to share information regarding any pharmacy-related activities as well as to know any problems or welfare issues faced by the pharmacy students.


The students were briefed on the upcoming events as well as major activities that can be participated such as Oh My Green Lung, National Pharmacy Sports Carnival (NPSC), IPSF Student Exchange Programme, and Mobility Programme. This is to allow pharmacy students to know on the requirements and preparations such as the fees and curriculum vitae that are needed in order to participate in those activities.


The sharing session ended with a question and answer session where students were able to raise any concerns or voice up any doubts or issues faced. It was indeed a good platform and opportunity for the students to clear any doubts that they had. Well done and thank you PMFfar for organizing such informative session for the pharmacy students!

By: Tan Min Anne

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