Oh My Green Lung 1

  “Oh My Green Lung ” is back! It was once again held by UKM Green Lung organization on 3rd of December 2016 at TIBE before heading to Taman Tasik Datuk Keramat. The aims of this programme were to expose participants with the beneficial information about smoking cessation, understand the consequences of smoking, raise the awareness of the Green Lung members about tobacco and e-cigarette as well as strengthen the bond between members.

  The event started with an introductory speech from the president of UKM Green Lung organization, Mohd Yazlan and officiated by monitoring lecturer, Dr. Chong Wei Wen. Besides, the community pharmacist from AM PM Pharmacy who is also a committee member of Young Pharmacy Chapter under Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society, Mr. Lim Kean Ping was invited to give a talk regarding  the role of pharmacist to create a tobacco-free environment. He taught us about the ways to approach the smokers which are the assessment of use and exposure, advise to quit smoking, assess readiness to quit, assist smokers who are ready to quit and lastly arrange follow-ups. He also stated that pharmacist should give clear, strong and personalized advice to smokers.

  After the meaningful talk from Mr. Lim, the explore race was begun at Taman Tasik Datuk Keramat. The programme was full of laughter and everyone had a blast. It was certainly a beneficial programme as they had the chance to instill the tobacco-free awareness to the public while playing games.


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