Hari Interaksi 1

On 12 November 2016, pharmacy students from all years, including postgraduate students, as well as academic and non-academic staffs gathered in the field of KTSN to have their annual event- Hari Interaksi. Upon the arrival of VIP, the participants were divided into 4 sport houses and started their games. Among the traditional and modern games available were Galah Panjang, Blowing Ping Pong, congkak, sepak takraw, Angry Bird and Where Is My Water. All the staffs and students engaged fully in the games to fight for their teams !

It was then followed by the opening ceremony. A speech was delivered by Associate Prof. Dr. Jamia Azdina Jamal, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, who  emphasised on the importance of sportsmanship among pharmacy students. There were also performances by the first year students- a sketch and various dance performances , including UKM style, Chinese dance and Indian dance. Everyone was entertained and impressed with the wonderful performances.

The day ended with prize-giving ceremony to award the team and players that won in their respective events. Congratulations to team Indigo, which was crowned the overall champion of Hari Interaksi, and good job to the winners of Piala Dekan. Strong bonds were formed between the staffs and the students through the interactions and strategies planning during the games. Well done to all and we will see you next year !


Written by

Moo Wen Yee


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