Antibiotic Health Promotion Awareness in HKL 1

11215764_1767627656791475_2837082984686490865_n 12219452_1767627706791470_4737173268327226045_n 12274363_1767627713458136_3951129456017291964_nAntimicrobial resistance or drug resistance is becoming a serious public health threat in Malaysia. As such, the National Antibiotic Awareness Week campaign was launched with the theme ‘ Antibiotic-Handle With Care’ at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur on 16th  November 2015 . This campaign aimed to promote antibiotic awareness and its responsible use for prevention of antibiotic resistance to the general public. As for those that were on duty for the public health campaign on antibiotic resistance in HKL, there were 3 students and a pharmacist responsible for each 3-hour slot. We were in charge of giving out pamphlets on antibiotic resistance besides explaining to the public when they have any doubts regarding this phenomenon. Meanwhile, mini games were carried out to equip the public with the right information on the use of antibiotic. We were surprised by the overwhelming response from the public! It was a great experience being a part of this campaign as it gave us exposure on how to interact with the public besides getting to know some of the pharmacists of HKL. It also felt really great being able to add value to their lives by educating them on how to use antibiotics correctly!

By: Gan Hui Lin

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