Piala Dekan and Hari Interaksi of Faculty of Pharmacy UKM 1

Piala Dekan is an annual sports event organised by the second year Pharmacy students and was held on 28th of November this year. With the theme of ‘Unity Beyond Victory’ for this year, this event aimed to build dynamic students that excel in both sports and academic. There were various games during Piala Dekan such as volleyball, futsal, badminton and netball. All pharmacy students of UKM were invited to take part in this exciting event.

Upon the arrival of students and staffs in the morning, registration of students was carried out and both students and staffs were provided with light breakfast. Before the games began, a short aerobics session lead by a group of energetic first year students was carried out in the field. Participants then proceeded to the respective courts for games after the warming-up sessions. Besides the sports activities, there were also traditional games like tug of war which involved only males. The final between the second year and fouth year students was the highlight of the event as both of the team were well-matched, and fourth year won the game at last!

All the hard work paid off as the event ran successfully and smoothly.

By. Gan Hui Lin

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Meanwhile, Hari Interaksi was held on 18th December 2015, involving students from all years and also academic and non-academic staff. Firstly, registration and the arrival of VIPs were carried out. Then, the students and staff were divided into 4 sport houses before participating in the events available on that day. Wristbands of the sport houses’ colours were given out to identify people in respective sport houses. Among the events available were “sepak bulu ayam”, “galah panjang”, “anyam ketupat”, “congkak” and musical chair. It was fun interacting with the staff in such a joyful atmosphere, especially days before the study week.  The day ended with a closing ceremony and performances by first years. There were multiracial dances followed by a choir performance which were well received by the audience. A prize-giving ceremony was also carried out to award the teams and players that won in their respective events during Piala Dekan. The overall winner was fourth year. Congratulations to the winners and well done to all! See you again next year!

By. Woon Lee Lee


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