Gema Amal Insan 6.0 1

Gema Amal Insan (GAIn) 6.0

“Run for your mind!”

            On the 10th of March 2018, Gema Amal Insan (GAIn) 6.0 was kick-started with an energetic aerobics session. At 8.00am, the male runners started their 4 kilometres run followed by the female runners. With sheer persistence, all runners had successfully completed their runs!

After that, the inauguration ceremony for GAIn was commenced. The director of GAIn gave a heart-warming speech regarding the significance of this event. It was then followed by the trophy-awarding session to the top 5 male and female runners. Subsequently, a band performed stunningly and got everyone hyped up for the carnival! There were many interesting game booths, medical check-ups, and even food stalls which attracted the runners and public to take a look at the carnival!

Around noon, a relaxing and informative talk sessions with Dr. Khairul Hafidz, the chairman of MedTweetMY and To’ Puan Dr Tengku Elmi Azlina binti Tengku Muda, counselor and lecturer of Pusat Permatapintar Negara, UKM was held. Both of them taught the public about the factors that contribute to mental illness and shared their advices on ways of avoiding it. A token of appreciation was presented to them after the talk. Next, Mohd Helmy Bin Mohd Alim performed whole-heartedly with his guitar and his performance marked the end of GAIn 6.0.

Minda Cakna Lebih Bermakna!” GAIn 6.0 had successfully conveyed the message where mental illness is an issue that should not be taken lightly by our society. See you again in GAIn 7.0!


Written by: Leong Kai En

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