Pharmaline Journalism Workshop 2018 was held successfully on 3rd March 2018 at TIBE Hall, UKM KL. The programme is aimed to prepare undergraduate students writing for publication. Most of the students are familiar with dissertation writing but they may not have been exposed to the “how to” in writing for publication. Taking into account of this concern, Pharmaline conducted this workshop to offer the participants an opportunity to polish up themselves regarding this matter.

This workshop consisted of three sessions. The first session addressed by Prof. Dr. Wong Tin Wui was about topic “Motivation Leads to Success: Writing in Pharmacy Profession”. The second session with Dr. Yow Hui Yin was focusing on topic “Health Publication: Welfare for Community”. These two sessions gave students approaches to write effectively and most importantly expose them the idea of the right platform to publish their works in the future.

Lastly, another interesting session was Photoshop tutorial session, which was facilitated by Mr. Amirul Faiz bin Abd Razak. For this year workshop, Pharmaline made differences by inviting an expert on this domain to deliver his knowledge to the participants. Surely, this session benefits a lot to those who have a desire to master their skills as well as increase their potential in manifesting their design ideas. At the end of the day, we believe that students found each session with own importance and value.

Written by : Norzubaidatulhikmah binti Shaduqi

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