OPKIM, an annual program held by pharmacy student. OPKIM, a privilege of being a pharmacy student. OPKIM, a chance to serve the community.  Many pharmacy students grabbed this opportunity to take part in this meaningful program from 13rd until 16th April at Felda Kahang Barat, Kluang.

On the first day, Prof Dr. Imran Ho Abdullah had launched the opening ceremony. After that, the pharmacy students were distributed to different host family to have a better understanding about their lifestyle.

On the next day, students were divided into 2 groups which included Home Medication Review (HMR) team and Motivation Program (MP) team. Mission of HMR team was to visit the neighbourhood from door to door to provide medication review for the residents whereas MP team went to SK Felda Kahang Barat to give motivation to the students there via series of activities. Apart from that, they were assigned to set up clinical booth for selling of vitamin supplement by Pharmaniaga.  Pharmaniaga and Alpro Pharmacy brought their team to help out residents for medical check-up. Also, clinical exhibition was set up to raise awareness among the residents.

In coming day, HMR team continued their mission while “gotong-royong” team was formed as volunteers to help residents in planting vegetable. Furthermore, Mini Carnival consisted of telematches and football games had been carried out among residents and students to strengthen their bond.

During the last day, closing ceremony was launched by Dato’ Abd Ghani Abd Rashid (representative of Sembrong Parlimen). This exhausted yet exhilarated event ended successfully with a group photo session.12990859_1050589421665091_6367115640038871731_n 13000122_1051109141613119_8549350747231281033_n 13001271_1051106858280014_9069996393829333159_n 13007095_1051114568279243_1754621954311306679_n 13055589_1051104168280283_6628579510102218009_n 13062087_1050589401665093_3009503399059471485_n 13062123_1051104858280214_7368866262737852136_n 13062204_1050592574998109_4477163332601498681_n

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