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Run To Gain is an annual charity run organized by first year students of Faculty of Pharmacy UKM. This year the event was held at Taman Bukit Jalil compared to previous years in Taman Titiwangsa.

Registration started at 6am. The run kicked off at 7:30 am  accompanied by Dr Mohd Hanif Zulkafar, the lecturer coordinator of Run To Gain 4.0. During the run, the participants had shown their efforts in winning the medals!

After one and a half hour, all the runners had successfully finished their run. Then, the event continued with the closing ceremony as well as the prize giving ceremony to the winners. Overall, the program was a big success as it had received a warm response from the public. All the funds collected would be donated to the  Rumah Penjagaan Warga Tua Sri Tanjuang, Kluang, Selangor. Well done  to all! Thank you for all the love and support!

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Gain Programme 2


A hidden Gem or Germ? As mysterious as it sounds, Gain had launched their second mega activity on the 19th March 2016, a forum entitled ‘A Hidden Gem or Germ?’ which talked about the social media use among university students in this generation.


The forum was successfully officiated by Dr. Mohd Hanif Zulfakar. Three well-known panels invited to join the forum were Mursyidul Ilman also known as Mr. The All Shared,  Heliza Helmi as well as Aiman Banna ! It was definitely a wonderful opportunity to see this three panels gathered together to share their views on the usage of social media. The forum attracted a huge crowd to attend and there were even outsiders who came to join!

In short, we can summarize the forum as good times with great people with an awesome experience! We shall be looking forward to it again next year !   5955_249530018716203_2664059636020712497_n 1186253_249535425382329_9098157443362966496_n 1610017_249534855382386_1718062924881484792_n 1935530_247980032204535_7286013565558151043_n 10169375_249527198716485_414095693622402166_n 10325359_247987202203818_7432152770813006335_n 10419949_249535148715690_745185837247339082_n

26 MARCH 2016- The last sub-program of GAIn, Program Khidmat Masyarakat was held where  27 participants and the lecturer-in-incharge, Dr. Chua Eng Wee went for a visit to an old folks home, Rumah Penjagaan Warga Tua Sri Tanjung in Kuang, Selangor.

When we arrived at the old folks home, the senior citizens were sitting in the porch and the caretaker of the home welcomed us with opened arms. Later, the caretaker gave a brief introduction about the home and showed us around before we had our ice breaking session. The most heartwarming part during the visit was getting to interact with citizens of old folk’s home as they shared a lot of their old stories with us.


Then, we also had some performances to entertain the senior citizens. We sang some evergreen songs to them and ‘Cek Mek Molek’ was their favourite as they asked us to sing it twice. Those smiles on their face truly made our day. It was a memorable and ecstatic trip as we had gained a whole new experience from this program. Do join us next year as there is no exercise better for heart than reaching down and lifting people up!12494699_983862125026120_2440893128563363653_n 12670877_983861761692823_9092472433518189970_n 12718310_983819805030352_7306973907538210_n 12799232_983862111692788_994752567668873980_n


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