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Hello everyone! Today I would like to suggest some very useful applications that you can simply download it for free into your smartphone!

As a pharmacy student, there is a lot of information about drugs that we need to remember and apply in our life. Thanks to all the IT geniuses out there, a lot of these information are now available on our fingertips.

Here are some applications that you can get from Apps Store (or for some known as Google Play) and hopefully you will find it useful.


21. Since we are Malaysians, I would recommend this application known as My Blue Book. So, what’s so special about this application? The unique thing about this application is that it is our very own Ministry of Health Drug Formulary! However, it is not a MOH official application although I love the fact that it is an offline application.


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2. It seems like you are having a runny nose and a slight headache too. Some over-the-counter medicine would do the trick. Here comes Medicine Man. Go around this application, select your symptoms and a list of OTC drug will be suggested. But beware! Always consult the doctor if your condition gets worst.


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3. All of us would like to know the information about the medicine that we have taken. You can now have a quick check-up about this matter by using Drugs Dictionary. This application provides the users a peace of mind by showing information of drugs and it is from a trusted clinical reference. But, bear in mind that this application cannot and should not replace consultation with a real doctor or a pharmacist.




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4. MIMS Malaysia is now available in your smartphones!  MIMS provides information on safety and effective usage of medication at every point of care. It also has a clinical calculator and scoring tool useful for healthcare professionals in their practice. Moreover, it provides a series of videos on treatments and disease management.




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5. Last but not least, the Medscape application. This famous application, which has more than 2000 million registered users, provides information on diseases, conditions and procedures about the drugs taken. They also have some images and videos to enable the patients to have a clear view on the information that are given to them.




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