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Hi geeks! Today we are going to share with you some FREE and amazing softwares that can help you to make awesome presentation either in the form of slide show or videos. Basically, these softwares enable you to go beyond ordinary. We also put a link where you can see the actual finished product.



  • the user can create presentations and animated videos with a cartoon look and feel.
  • you can be creative and create a short comic to express your point
  • free version is limited to five minutes per presentation, but you can make as many presentations as you wish
  • Example : Plain English Cartoons with Dan Epstein

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  • caters to a more basic user base, mainly those who currently use PowerPoint and want better results and more visualization.
  • easily build sophisticated presentations with little effort
  • allows users to choose from a variety of templates with built in HTML5 technology, ranging from PowerPoint style presentations, to 3-dimensional patterns
  • Example : The Inventions of The Doggie Walkie

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Haiku Deck 

  • can work on iPad, work on the go
  • beautifully designed slideshow templates
  • comes with free and instant access to millions of photos from the Creative Commons licence, mainly sourced from Flickr
  • at any point during your project you can alter the theme of your presentation, this revolves around the font used in your slides
  • when you enter text, for example, Haiku Deck adjusts the line spacing and text size to create the best layout.
  • best option when u want to do a list of short notes with stunning background picture
  • example : Haiku Deck Example

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Of course, such a great thing come with a price. But this software  always come with a free trial use with some limitation.For students, the free version was more than enough.

Tips : Windows Movie Maker can bring you miles away.

All of these wonderful software are user friendly. The best way to test this software is by doing a short presentation of your own  and don’t forget to share it with us!!!


Lots of love and have fun trying it out!




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