PharmGeek : Websites about Drugs

Although a lot of information can be Googled now, it is better for important information like drug information to be obtained from reliable and trusted websites. This is because the information will be more accurate and a lot easier to be compared. Here are some websites that we want to […]

PharmGeek : Top 3 Journals Website!

Journals are essential in providing us information and widen our scope of knowledge. It will help us understand better about how drugs really work. As pharmacy students, it is quite common for us to read journals as some lecturers also encourage us to search for journals for our assignments or […]

PharmGeek : 5 Apps for Pharmacy Students 42

1. Lexi-Complete    This application was developed by LexiComp, publisher of Drug Information Handbook. The price of this application may be too expensive which cost USD 285.00 per year but it is worthful. This application also can be installed on iPad, Android, Blackberry 5.0 and windows mobile 6.x. You may […]