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Pharmacy Oath Taking Ceremony 2013/2014


19/09/2013, THURSDAY, TIBE.


Pharmacy Oath Taking Ceremony is an annual formal ceremony where new students will take their pledge to become excellent and ever hardworking pharmacy students. Let the photos speak for now!



 The first year students


 Among that joined this ceremony were the lecturers, staff and second and third year students.


 Opening speech was given by none others, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jantan, Dean of Faculty Of Pharmacy UKM.


 Look how intense they were.


Go go first year students!


The 1st year class representative, Yew Kar Meng was given a big prescription model, as a symbol of promise to the dean. It seemed like Yew was amazed about this massive prescription.



The students were dished with a multimedia slide show that was prepared by a group of second year students in which the slides contained the activities organized by the faculty last year. The video was intentionally made to heighten the new students’ spirit in order to face all the challenges as a pharmacy student in UKM. That is all from us. Do wish all the new pharmacy students all the best in their studies and hope that they are able to provide the best healthcare services to all Malaysians!


7The poster of Pharmacy Oath Taking Ceremony 2013/2014.

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