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Journals are essential in providing us information and widen our scope of knowledge. It will help us understand better about how drugs really work. As pharmacy students, it is quite common for us to read journals as some lecturers also encourage us to search for journals for our assignments or any group discussions. However, by searching journals through Google it would be quite troublesome and some may not be free too. Hence, we would like to provide you an alternative. Why not find it in an actual journal database?


1. Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

SSRN is a research website that you can download journals by registering for free. Other than health journals, there are many fields of journals that you can obtain in this amazing website. Besides, you can also upload your own journals in SSRN to share them to the world! You can certainly download journals from SSRN all the time.


This is the homepage of SSRN.



2. Free Medical Journals

Free medical journals is a sub-website of the  which allows you to search for over 4000 journals by just simply clicking the search button. Also, it lists out the top 100 journals at the home page according to the latest statistic. The good news is no registration is needed to view the journals in this website. So, just enjoy it!


The home page of Free Medical Journals with search button and recommended journals.


The top 100 journals recommended by this website.


3. High Wire

High Wire is one of the largest website that allows you to search for journals and registration is needed to access this website. But, no worries as registration is free!


Here you go, this is the homepage of High Wire!

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