National Pharmacy Sport Carnival (NPSC) 2016 1

National Pharmacy Sport Carnival (NPSC) is an annual event organized by Malaysian Pharmacy Students Association (MyPSA), which involved participants from different pharmacy universities across the nation. This year, with the theme “Together as one, We are ready to run” ,this event was held on 22nd to 24th January in University Malaya. A total of 92 students representing our university to fight for the glory. Various sport events had being carried out such as tennis, ping pong, squash , and swimming. Despite the rainfall during the opening ceremony, the events were still carried out without losing any enthusiasm among the players. It was really fun and interesting for students to show off their skills and strive for the best in the battle field. Prize-giving ceremony successfully marked the end of NPSC 2016 and our university won the fourth place out of 14 universities with 4 golds, 1 silver and 4 bronzes. Well done and great job being made! It was exciting to see NPSC eventually brought us together as one big ‘PHARMILY’! Keep up the spirit!

By: Chan Jie Yee

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