PharmUpdate : PMFFAR Annual Grand Meeting 2

Date: 9thMay 2012

Venue: Dewan Kuliah 2, UKM KKL

The aim of this event was to give a token of appreciation towards the PMFFAR organization of 2011/2012. It started around 2.30 pm and this event was attended by almost all students and lecturers of our faculty.

Before the passing down ceremony, our former PMFFAR president, Noor Maiizham gave his speech as to show his gratitude towards everyone in the faculty who helped them in handling the organization.  The ceremony was officiated by our Dean, Prof Ibrahim bin Jantan.  In his speech, he congratulated the organization that contributed a lot throughout the year. Besides, he encouraged everyone to join and be active in PMFFAR in order to sharpen up our soft skills.

The event continued with the presentation of certificates of appreciation to every committee member of PMFFAR 2011/2012, which was followed by the annual report presented by each board member. The most awaited moment of the day was when the new organization of PMFFAR announced. PMFFAR 2012/2013 will be led by Mohd Fadir bin Ilias. He was then asked to give an appreciation speech and said “being a President of this organisation carries many responsibilities so I hope and wish that everyone in this faculty would lend a hand in order to fulfill and accomplish my task”.

Pharmaline wish all the best to the new PMFFAR organization!!

Reported by: Dina Syafiqah Osman &Nur Farahuda

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