PharmUpdate : Self Motivation and Excellence Programme 1

Program Motivasi & Kecemerlangan Diri

Date: 25 February 2012

Venue: Tibe, UKM Campus KL

Theme: Ke Arah Kecemerlangan (Towards Excellence)

Want to keep motivated and stay strong? Well, Faculty of Pharmacy of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia had organized a programme called “Program Motivasi & Kecemerlangan Diri” on 25th of February under Nur Wahida Binti Jamil Khir as the director. We were glad to have the first and second year pharmacy students to participate in this meaningful and interesting event. Instead of reading a long, dull books about “How to Achieve Success in Academic Aspect”, this event, can be another way of run to motivation and yet more effective compared to reading books!

55 students were chosen to participate in this event, which aimed to prepare the students to perform well in their academics. During the event, our beloved Deputy Dean, Associate Professor Dr. Jamia Azdina Jamal explained the expected outcome of this event. She hoped that UKM pharmacy students are able to prepare mentally and spiritually in coping with examination pressure. She added, “It is a good opportunity to nurture an intimate relationship among lecturers and students throughout this event.”  Lots of encouragement was given by Prof Jamia in order to enhance students’ spirit to be a future pharmacist.

The highlight of the event was the presence of Cik Yuslina binti Johari, a psychology officer in counseling unit of UKM. She has been working as a motivation lecturer for 2 years. Lots of fun activities were carried out in order to get students’ attraction such as balloon games where the students are required to burst the balloons using their hands once they stand up. They are also trained to voice out their opinions in front of crowd. Instead of teaching how to excel in academic, Cik Yuslina emphasized on courage and confidence to be nurtured in our life.

She said, “Balloon session is the time for them to move a step forward to test their courage. Bursting balloon is one of the ways to relieve stress or anger. We want them to try this instead of just being afraid of the pain. This is a way to practice and believe yourself to achieve the target. ” By doing so, students would have the confidence to trust themselves that they can do it for everything!

Besides, Cik Yuslina mentioned that time management is important in our daily life. We have to control ourselves in facebook-ing which is currently a common habit and addictive activity in most of the young generations.

“To all students, a failure once a time does not mean we have to fail all the time. We must try and try and not to give up when facing failure as each failure leads us to be more determined. Failures are experiences we have to have before heading to the way of success and  achieving our goal. In additon, we should have discipline for studying and playing. Of course, we have to allocate time for rest but we have to limit the time.” said Cik Yuslina during the interview session.

By Chong Min Na and Goh Jing Yi

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