List of Articles Published in Q1/Q2 Journals Authored by Faculty Members

Title: Applying an Extended Theory of Planned Behavior to Sustainable Food Consumption
Journal: Sustainability, 12 October 2020, 12(20), 83-94, Q2
Authors: Syed Shah Alam, Maisarah Ahmad, Yi-hui Ho, Nor Asiah Omar, Chieh-Yu Lin
Title: Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Performance in Takaful Agencies: The Moderating Role of Objective Environment
Journal: Sustainability, 2020, 12(20), 82-91, Q2
Authors: Muhamad Azrin Nazri, Nor Asiah Omar, Aini Aman, Abu Hanifah Ayob, Nur Ainna Ramli
Title: Can Corporate Ethics Programs Reduce Unethical Behavior? Threat Appraisal or Coping Appraisal
Journal: Journal of Business Ethics, 7 Januari 2021, 1-17, Q1
Authors: Taslima Jannat, Syed Shah Alam, Yi-Hui Ho, Nor Asiah Omar, Chieh-Yu Lin
Title: Consumers’ responsiveness towards contaminated canned sardine in Malaysia: Does perceived severity matter?
Journal: Food Control, May 2021, Vol. 123, Q1
Authors: Nor Asiah Omar, Nor Liza Abdullah, Zuraidah Zainol, Muhamad Azrin Nazri
Title: Effects of agriculture, renewable energy, and economic growth on carbon dioxide emissions: Evidence of the environmental Kuznets curve
Journal: Resources, Conservation and Recycling, September 2020, Vol. 160, Q1
Authors: Nur Hilfa Awatif Mohamad Ridzuan, Nur Fakhzan Marwan, Norlin Khalid, Mohd Helmi Ali, Ming-Lang Tseng,
Title: The Southeast Asian haze: The quality of environmental disclosures and firm performance,
Journal: Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 246, 10 February 2020, Q1
Authors: Maizatulakma Abdullah, Noradiva Hamzah, Mohd Helmi Ali, Ming-Lang Tseng & Matthew Brander
Title: Financial inclusiveness and economic growth: new evidence using a threshold regression analysis
Journal: Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja, 02 May 2020, 33:1, pp 1465-1484, Q2
Authors: Rosmah Nizam, Zulkefly Abdul Karim, Aisyah Abdul Rahman & Tamat Sarmidi
Title: The Effects of Energy Consumption and National Output on CO2 Emissions: New Evidence from OIC Countries Using a Panel ARDL Analysis
Journal: Sustainability, April 2020, 12(8), 3312, Q2
Authors: Mohd Shahidan Shaari, Zulkefly Abdul Karim & Noorazeela Zainol Abidin
Title: Input allocation efficiency in the United States railroad industry: Changing work rules and managerial flexibility
Journal: Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, August 2019, Vol. 126, pp 281-296
Authors: Azrina Abdullah Al-Hadi, John Bitzan, James Peoples
Title: Effects of goal orientation, self efficacy and task complexity on the audit judgement performance of Malaysian auditors
Journal: Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 2018, Volume 31, Issue 1, Pages 75-95
Authors: Zuraidah Mohd Sanusi, Takiah Mohd Iskandar, Gary S. Monroe, Norman Mohd Saleh
Title: Eleven shades of food integrity: A halal supply chain perspective
Journal: Trends in Food Science & Technology, 2018, Volume 71, Issue 1, Pages 216-224
Authors: Mohd Helmi Ali & Norhidayah Suleiman
Title: Analyzing conflict and its management within ICT4D partnerships: an institutional logics perspective
Journal: Information Technology for Development, 2018, Volume 23, Issue 1, Pages 168-187
Authors: Shahifol Arbi Ismail, Richard Heeks, Brian Nicholson & Aini Aman