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Dr. Ngan Sue Lin

Senior Lecturer


Ngan Sue Lin is a senior lecturer at UKM-Graduate School of Business. She received her Bachelor of Science with major in Actuarial Science and minor in Mathematics from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA. She then received her doctorate degree from University of Nottingham Malaysia. Her research interests lie in the areas of risk assessment and management, supply chain management and sustainable development. Her works has been published in high-impact scientific journals such as Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Journal of Cleaner Production etc.


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Ngan, S.L., Promentilla, M.A.B., Yatim, P., Lam, H.L. (2018). A Novel Risk Assessment Model for Green Finance: The Case of Malaysian Oil Palm Biomass Industry. Process Integration and Optimization for Sustainability. 3(1), 75-88.

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Leong W.D., Teng, S.Y., How, B.S., Ngan S.L., Lam, H.L., Tan, C.P., Ponnambalam, S.G. (2019). Adaptive Analytical Approach to Lean and Green Operations, Journal of Cleaner Production, 235, 190-209.

Yatim, P., Ngan, S.L., Lam, H.L. (2018). Sustainable Supply Chain: Feedstock Logistics Issues of Palm Oil Biomass Industry in Malaysia. In A. Sayigh, ed. Transition Towards 100% Renewable Energy. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 467-479

Yatim, P., Ngan, S.L., Lam, H.L, Er. A.C. (2017). Overview of the key risks in the pioneering stage of the Malaysian biomass industry. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 19(7), 1825-1839.


Risk assessment and management, supply chain management

Area of Research
Circular economy, risk analysis, multiple criteria decision analysis, sustainable development


Business economics, Managerial accounting, Corporate strategy, Operation management, Sustainable business strategy