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Interested in our MBA now?

Our MBA is instrumental and highly practical in ensuring high competency of the graduates in realizing their potentials and longterm career prospects through the job-related nature of the courses.


These recently revised MBA programme, which have been co-developed with our industrial partners, fits better with the requirements of the industry as well as with the working candidates /students. Among the improvements we have made include:

+ A management programme that fulfills the requirements of the Malaysian Qualifying Agency (MQA) and leads to MBA
+ MBA based on the lock step, modular approach
+ Fast-paced, action-packed, 1-year full-time MBA in UKM, Bangi
+ Flexible programme on every alternate weekend, 2-year part-time MBA in UKM Kuala Lumpur
+ Highly customizable to the needs of the industry in terms of content, delivery and duration of studies
+ Special focus on Action Learning and Leadership Development
+ Variety of industrial-driven specialised and elective courses

Whilst strongly grounded in academic theory, the MBA emphasizes on practical learning where industry relevant knowledge transfers provide real management solutions and techniques for the MBA Graduates to apply in their respective Organizations.

Our MBA is instrumental and highly practical in ensuring high competency of the Graduates in realizing their potentials and longterm career prospects through the job-related nature of the courses.

Lock-step Modular Programme

Our programme follows a lock-step modular approach, arguably one of a kind in Malaysia. This means our students will only study one training like module/course at a time. Full Time students will attend 2-day lecture a week whereas Part Time students will have a 2-day lecture in alternate weekends.
In a way our students could see themselves as attending 96-day training courses over 12, 18 or 24 months to complete their MBA.

Alternate Weekend

Our Part Time programme takes 24 months to complete. The classes are conducted every alternate weekend. As much as we would want our students to focus on their studies, we would also want them to continue to balance and focus on their jobs and families. Indeed, our students are our hopes for a better future. Typical class scheduling:
• Full Time - two 7-hour classes a week during weekdays from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
• Part Time - two 7-hour classes a weekend on alternate weekends, also from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. This means if there are classes on Saturday and Sunday on this weekend, then there will be no class on the following weekend.



12 months MBA
Conducted at UKM-GSB Bangi & Kuala Lumpur Campus


24 months MBA on every alternate weekend
Conducted at our UKM GSB CITY CAMPUS, Menara 238, Jalan Tun Razak, KUALA LUMPUR & Kota Kinabalu


Our modular program allows customisation for industrial knowledge requirement without sacrificing the academic rigour of the core courses.



The core courses are designed to provide a student with specific and key management competencies that form the building blocks of a company in order to achieve both the mission and vision in creating added value and improve business performance, as well as the human capital development.


The modular courses are developed by industrial experts based on studies of what are the specific and relevant industrial knowledge, abilities and skill sets required for managers to compete globally.


Action Learning is a powerful tool for personal and professional development as the process involves working on real and practical challenges. It uses the knowledge and skills of the students to work on real problems and implement solutions as part of the management development through learning by doing.


This course, running throughout the academic-year, provides students with the necessary tools to advance leadership goals and maximize management potentials in their professional environment. The course enables students to effectively lead teams, transform performance and build self-confidence by exploring key leadership and management theories in the context of the practical skills required to succeed on today’s performance driven job market.
Programme Components


16 unit

Managerial Competency
(Core Courses)

8 unit

Industrial Competency
(Specialisation Courses)

8 unit

Industrial Competency
(Elective Courses)

8 unit

Research & Project Component

8 unit

Leadership Development


Bangi Campus
Monday-Friday (MBA12)
Alternate weekend (MBA24)

Kuala Lumpur Campus
Alternate weekend (MBA24)
Monday-Friday (MBA12)
Monday-Friday – Evening Class (MBA24)

Kota Kinabalu Campus
Alternate weekend (MBA24)


The language of delivery in class is English




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September and March



Admission Procedure

All applications must be made using the online application forms. All applications including candidates’ credentials are assessed based on individual merit by GSB’s Graduate Committee.

Admission Requirement

Bachelor Degree in any disciplines with outstanding CGPA

+ CGPA 3.00 and above (without working experience)
+ CGPA 2.50 – 2.99 (with a minimum of two (2) years working experience)
+ CGPA 2.00 – 2.49 (with a minimum of five (5) years working experience)

# MBA12 12-month MBA for full-time students (with minimum of 3 years prior work experience)
# MBA24 : 24-month MBA with classes conducted on alternate weekends for part-time students

English Language Requirement

International applicants whose native language is not English should demonstrate good command of English, either:

– IELTS band 6.0, or

– TOEFL score of minimum 550 (paper based); 213 (computer based); 79 (internet based).

Interview: Applicants who do not meet the above requirements may be called for an interview to assess their complementary competencies and merits.