No Article Title Journal Publisher Author SDG Link
1 A review of corporate governance in the Saudi Arabian insurance sector  Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions  Shanar Shafi Alsuyayf, Rasidah Mohd Said, Roslan Jaafar, Ali Albada  SDG 8
2 Analyzing customer acceptance of the internet of things (IoT) in the retail industry  Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing  Noorshella Che Nawi, Abdullah Al Mamun, Noorul Azwin Binti Md Nasir, Muhammad Khalilur Rahman  SDG 9
3 Assessing the COVID-19 pandemic impact on tourism arrivals: The role of innovation to reshape the future work for sustainable development  Journal of Innovation and Knowledge  Najid Ahmad, Li Shuyun, Mouna Hdia, Jaroslav Belas, Wan Mohd Hirwani Wan Hussain  SDG 11
4 Big Data Analytics Capability and Firm Performance in the Hotel Industry: The Mediating Role of Organizational Agility  WSEAS Transactions on Business and Economics  Muhamad Luqman Khalil, Norzalita Abd Aziz, Ahmad Azmi M. Ariffin, Abdul Hafaz Ngah  SDG 16
5 Buying Behaviour towards Eco-Labelled Food Products: Mediation Moderation Analysis  Sustainability  Syed Shah Alam, Cheng-Kun Wang, Mohammad Masukujjaman, Ismail Ahmad, Chieh-Yu Lin, Yi-Hui Ho  SDG 12
6 Causality of total resource management in circular supply chain implementation under uncertainty: a context of textile industry in Indonesia  Annals of Operations Research  Tat Dat Bui, Jiun Wei Tseng, Hania Aminah, Jovi Sulistiawan, Mohd Helmi Ali, Ming Lang Tseng  SDG 12
7 Current status and perspectives of algae-based bioplastics: A reviewed potential for sustainability  Algal Research  Wai Yan Cheah, Ah Choy Er, Kadaruddin Aiyub, Nazlina Haiza Mohd Yasin, Sue Lin Ngan, Kit Wayne Chew, Kuan Shiong Khoo, Tau Chuan Ling, Joon Ching Juan, Zengling Ma, Pau Loke Show  SDG 15
8 Developing a hierarchical framework for assessing the strategic efectiveness of sustainable waste management in the Somaliland construction industry  Environmental Science and Pollution Research  Yeneneh Tamirat Negash, Abdiqani Muse Hassan, Ming Lang Tseng, Mohd Helmi Ali, Ming K. Lim  SDG 12
9 Differential effects of renqing and system on employee work quality  Journal of Organizational and End User Computing (JOEUC)  Bijun Xie, Sue Lin Ngan, Min Li, Fangbin Xiao  SDG 16
10 Discovering The State of The Art in Counterproductive Work Behavior  Jurnal Ilmiah Peuradeun – The Indonesian Journal of the Social Sciences  Nor Hafizah Ibrahim, Zafir Khan Mohamed Makhbul, Abu Hanifah Ayob & Anitawati Mohd Lokman  SDG 16  
11 Effects of Internet of Things, supply chain collaboration and ethical sensitivity on sustainable performance moderating effect of supply chain dynamism  Journal of Enterprise Information Management  Mohammed Masum Billah, Syed Shah Alam, Mohammad Masukujjaman, Mohd Helmi Ali, Zafir Khan Mohamed Makhbul, Mohd Fairuz Md Salleh  SDG 11
12 Examining the effect of logistics service quality on customer satisfaction and re-use intention  PLOS One  Lin Xiaofang, Abdullah Al Mamun, Qing Yang, Mohammad Masukujjaman  SDG 12
13 Exploring the Hype of Blockchain Adoption in Agri-Food Supply Chain: A Systematic Literature Review  Agriculture  Lovina Yogarajan, Mohammad Masukujjaman, Mohd Helmi Ali, Norlin Khalid, Lokhman Hakim Osman, Syed Shah Alam  SDG 12
14 Exploring the Mass Adoption Potentials of Wearable Fitness Devices in Malaysia  Digital Health  Naeem Hayat, Anas A. Salameh, Abdullah Al Mamun, Syed Shah Alam, Noor Raihani Zainol  SDG 11
15 Green Campus Initiatives at Rahim Kajai College: Students’ Perspective  Malaysian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities  Roslan Ja’afar  SDG 15
16 Green Gardening Practices Among Urban Botanists: Using the Value-Belief-Norm Model  Sage Open  Abdullah Al Mamun, Naeem Hayat, Muhammad Mohiuddin, Anas A. Salameh, Syed Shah Alam  SDG 12
17 Green Home Buying Intention of Malaysian Millennials: An Extension of Theory of Planned Behaviour  Buildings  Mohammad Masukujjaman; Cheng-Kun Wang; Syed Shah Alam; Chieh-Yu Lin; Yi-Hui Ho; Abu Bakkar Siddik  SDG 8
18 Green human resource management, competitive advantages, and green ambidexterity: using partial least squares structural equation modeling and necessary condition analysis  Environmental Science and Pollution Research  Jawaria Ahmad, Abdullah Al Mamun, Mohammad Nurul Hassan Reza, Zafir Khan Mohamed Makhbul, Khairul Anuar Mohd Ali  SDG 16
19 Green Logistics, Green Human Capital, and Circular Economy: The Mediating Role of Sustainable Production  Sustainability  Ya Cheng, Mohammad Masukujjaman, Farid Ahammad Sobhani, Muhammad Hamayun, Syed Shah Alam  SDG 11
20 Impact of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Adoption on the Financial and Sustainability Performance of MSMEs during the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Empirical Study  Sustainability  Jianli Gao, Abu Bakkar Siddik, Sayyed Khawar Abbas, Muhammad Hamayun, Mohammad Masukujjaman, Syed Shah Alam  SDG 16
21 Influence of Big Data Analytics Capability on Innovation and Performance in the Hotel Industry  Journal of Asian Finance, Economics & Business  Muhamad Luqman Khalill, Norzalita Abd Aziz  SDG 9
22 Insights on Millennial’s Purchase Intention Towards Green Online Travel Products in Malaysia: The Road to Recovery  Journal of Tourism & Development  Siti Intan Nurdiana Wong Abdullah, Teoh Shu Shan, Bernard Lim Jit Heng, Phuah Kit Teng  SDG 11
23 Integrating the social support theory and technology acceptance model of social commerce websites  Galician Journal of Economics  Nurkhalida Makmor, Syed Shah Alam, Mohammad Masukujjaman, Zafir Khan Mohamed Makhbul, Mohd Helmi Ali, Abdullah Al Mamun  SDG 9
24 Investigating blockchain technology adoption intention model in halal food small and medium enterprises: moderating role of supply chain integration  International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications  Mohd Helmi Ali, Leanne Chung, Kim Hua Tan, Zafir Mohd Makhbul, Yuanzhu Zhan, Ming Lang Tseng  SDG 9
25 Love, Trust and Follow Them? The Role of Social Media Influencers on Luxury Cosmetics Brands’ Purchase Intention Among Malaysian Urban Women  Malaysian Journal of Consumer and Family Economics  Siti Intan Nurdiana Wong Abdullah, Sharifah Faridah Syed Ali, Phuah Kit Teng  SDG 3
26 Modeling the reuse intention and practices of secondhand clothing: evidence from a developing nation  Humanities & Social Sciences Communications  Mengling Wu, Abdullah Al Mamun, Qing Yang, Muhammad Mehedi Masud  SDG 12
27 Modeling the significance of dynamic capability on the performance of microfinance institutions  PLOS One  Hery Verianto The, Marvello Yang, Syed Ali Fazal, Maran, Jingzu Gao, Qing Yang, Abdullah Al Mamun  SDG 16
28 Modelling the mass adoption potential of food waste composting among rural chinese farmers  Heliyon  Abdullah Al Mamun, Qing Yang, Farzana Naznen, Norzalita Abd Aziz, Muhammad Mehedi Masud  SDG 12
29 Modelling the Significance of Celebrity Endorsement and Consumer Interest on Attitude, Purchase Intention, and Willingness to Pay a Premium Price for Green Skincare Products  Heliyon  Abdullah Al Mamun, Farzana Naznen, Qing Yang, Mohd Helmi Ali, Nik Mohd Hazrul Nik Hashim  SDG 3
30 Modelling the significance of health values, beliefs and norms on the intention to consume and the consumption of organic foods  Heliyon  Qing Yang, Abdullah Al Mamun, Farzana Naznen, Long Siyu, Zafir Khan Mohamed Makhbul  SDG 3
31 Modelling the significance of psychological, social, and situational factors on work efficiency and the preference for working from home in Southeast Asia  Heliyon  Wong May Yee, Abdullah Al Mamun, Xueyun Zhong, Wan Mohd Hirwani Wan Hussain, Qing Yang  SDG 3
32 Predicting the Intention and Adoption of Hydroponic Farming among Chinese Urbanites  Heliyon  Abdullah Al Mamun, Farzana Naznen, Gao Jingzu, Qing Yang  SDG 12
33 Predicting the intention and adoption of wearable payment devices using hybrid SEM-neural network analysis  Scientific Reports  Abdullah Al Mamun, Farzana Naznen, Marvello Yang, Qing Yang, Mengling Wu, Mohammad Masukujjaman  SDG 9
34 Re-shaping sustainable value chain model under post pandemic disruptions: A fast fashion supply chain analysis  International Journal of Production Economics  Kuo-Jui Wu, Ming-Lang Tseng, Wen-Hua Yang, Mohd Helmi Ali, Xiaobo Chen  SDG 9
35 Systematic Literature Review on the Factors Affecting the Well-Being of Entrepreneurs in Malaysian SMEs  SAGE Open  Norizzati Bahsri, Zaleha Yazid, Zafir Mohamed Makhbul, Nor Asiah Omar  SDG 3
36 The management and implementation of zurri waqf in malaysian waqf instituition  Jurnal Pengurusan  Sri Wahyu Sakina Ahmad Sanusi, Mohd Fairuz Md Salleh, Salmy Edawati Yaacob  SDG 16
37 The Moderating Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Between Green Human Resource Management and Organizations Environmental Performance  Journal of Environmental Planning and Management  Muhammad Mehedi Masud, Nusrat Jafrin, Abu Naser Mohammad Saif, Abdullah Al Mamun  SDG 16
38 The role of marketing stimuli and attitude in determining post-COVID buying decisions toward organic food products: evidence from retail consumers in Beijing, China  Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems  Yuling Jiang, Siti Intan Nurdiana Wong Abdullah, Bernard Jit Heng Lim, Ruiyun Wang, Kit Teng Phuah  SDG 3
39 Understanding barriers and motivations in solid waste management from Malaysian industries: a comparative analysis  Environmental Science and Pollution Research  Mansoor Ahmad Soomro, Mohd Helmi Ali, Suhaiza Zailani, Ming-Lang Tseng, Zafir Mohd Makhbul  SDG 12
40 Unveiling the Role of Green Logistics Management in Improving SMEs` Sustainability Performance: Do Circular Economy Practices and Supply Chain Traceability Matter?  Systems MDPI  Bo Zhou, Abu Bakkar Siddik, Guang-Wen Zheng, Mohammad Masukujjaman  SDG 12
41 Willingness to Pay Premium Prices for Green Buildings: Evidence from an Emerging Economy  Environmental Science and Pollution Research  Abdullah Al Mamun, Muhammad Khalilur Rahman, Muhammad Mehedi Masud, Muhammad Mohiuddin  SDG 3