Akademik & Kepakaran

Distinguished Prof. Datuk Dr. Shamsul Amri Baharuddin FASc (aka Shamsul A.B.)

Fellow Academy of Science Malaysia
UNESCO Chair @ UKM (Communication and Social Cohesion)
KITA Founding Director

Tel.: +603-89213680
E-mail: pghkita@ukm.edu.my (official); abshamsul@gmail.com (personal)
Areas of Specialization: Politics, Culture and Economic Development; Ethnicity and Identity Formation; Muslim Modernization; Colonial Knowledge
Empirical focus: Malaysia, the Malay World

Prof. Dr. Kartini Aboo Talib @ Khalid

Deputy Director

Tel.: +603-89213612
E-mail: k_khalid@ukm.edu.my
Areas of Specialization: Policy Analysis; Political Parties; Comparative Studies, Gender and Civil Societies

Emeritus Prof. Dato' Dr. Teo Kok Seong

Principal Research Fellow
Felo Penyelidik Utama

Tel.: +603-89214641
E-mail: teokok@ukm.edu.my
Areas of Specialization: Ethnolinguistics; Linguistic Anthropology; Peranakan Phenomenon; Nation Building; National Unity and Integration

Prof. Dr. Supyan Hussin

Principal Research Fellow
Felo Penyelidik Utama

Tel.: +603-89214641
E-mail: supyan@ukm.edu.my
Areas of Specialization: Language, Education and Technology

Dr. Eric Olmedo Panal

Principal Research Fellow & AnthropotekTM Director
Felo Penyelidik Utama & Pengarah AnthropotekTM

Tel.: +603-89214770
E-mail: ericjose.olmedo@gmail.com
Areas of Specialization: Social Anthropology; Sociology of Work; Food Anthropology

Datuk Dr. Anis Yusal Yusoff

Principal Research Fellow & GMSN Project Leader
Felo Penyelidik Utama & Ketua Projek GMSN

Tel.: +603-89214774
E-mail: anisy@ukm.edu.my
Areas of Specialization: Human Development (Democratic Governance, ICT for Development and Poverty Reduction) and Politics

Prof. Dr. Mansor Mohd. Noor

Honorary Professor
Profesor Kehormat

E-mail: mansormohdnoor@gmail.com
Areas of Specialization: Ethnic Relations; Development and Political Sociology

Prof. Dr. Ong Puay Liu

Honorary Professor
Profesor Kehormat

Tel.: +603-89217681
E-mail: puayliu@gmail.com
Areas of Specialization: Anthropology of Development; Ethnic Studies; Community Development

Prof. Datuk Dr. Denison Jayasooria

Honorary Professor
Profesor Kehormat

Tel.: +6019-3810914
E-mail: denisonkitaukm@gmail.com
Areas of Specialization: Ethnic Relations, Ethnic Minorities and Human Rights; Civil Society and Social Work; Public Policy Advocacy; Sustainable Development Goals

Prof. Dr. James T. Collins

Distinguished International Professor
Profesor Antarabangsa Tersohor

Tel.: +603-89214810
E-mail: jtcukm@yahoo.com
Areas of Specialization: Linguistics; Languages of Maluku and Kalimantan; Malay Dialectology in Southeast Asia

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd. Sobhi Ishak

Senior Research Fellow
Felo Penyelidik Kanan

Tel.: +603-89214771
E-mail: msobhi@ukm.edu.my / msobhikita@gmail.com
Areas of Specialization: Malaysian Mass Media and New Media; Social Measurements and Modelling; Media, Culture, and Society (including Communication, Audience and Cultural Identity, Gender, Children and the Aged)

Dr. Pue Giok Hun

Research Fellow & Strategic Communications Coordinator
Felo Penyelidik & Penyelaras Komunikasi Strategik

Tel.: +603-89217682
E-mail: ghpue@ukm.edu.my
Areas of Specialization: Minority Ethnic Identity; Social Amalgamation (Mixed Race); Peranakan Phenomenon; Kelantan Peranakan Chinese community

Dr. Adil Johan

Research Fellow
Felo Penyelidik

Tel.: +603-89215468
E-mail: adiljo@ukm.edu.my
Areas of Specialization: Cultural Studies & Media

Dr. Ahmad Rizal Mohd. Yusof

Research Fellow
Felo Penyelidik

Tel.: +603-89213778
E-mail: army@ukm.edu.my
Areas of Specialization: Digital Culture

Dr. Nur Atiqah Tang Abdullah

Research Fellow
Felo Penyelidik

Tel.: +603-89214721
E-mail: atiqah@ukm.edu.my
Areas of Specialization: Political sociology; Citizenship Studies

Dr. Shazlin Amir Hamzah

Research Fellow
Felo Penyelidik

Tel.: +603-89214849
E-mail: shazlin@ukm.edu.my
Areas of Specialization: Media Discourse; Media Writing; Advertising and Public Relations Management

Dr. Chan Suet Kay

Research Fellow
Felo Penyelidik

Tel.: +603-89213696
E-mail: rachelchansuetkay@ ukm.edu.my
Areas of Specialization: Malaysian Chinese Identity, Cultural Capital, Popular Culture, Subculture, Globalisation
Adjunct Fellows 

Dr. Mohd Faisal Mustaffa

Guest Fellow
Sarjana Tamu

Tel.: +604-7331740
E-mail: faisalmustaffaphd@gmail.com
Areas of Specialization: Malaysian Mass Media, New Media (including communication and broadcasting especially among the Muslim Youth in Malaysia), Islamic Social Finance (Zakat, Waqf, Crowdfunding), Poverty Alleviation, The Poor Family Education

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nazri Muslim

Associate Senior Research Fellow
Felo Penyelidik Kanan Bersekutu

Tel.: +603-69146891
E-mail: nazrim@ukm.edu.my
Areas of Specialization: Ethnic Relation and Sociology of Constitution

Dr. Linda AÏnouche

Associate Fellow
Felo Bersekutu

WhatsApp: +1 (646) 7260704
E-mail: ainoucheproductions@gmail.com
Areas of Specialization: Cultural Heritage, Gender & Ethnicity, Anthropology of Religion, Sustainable Tourism

Dr. Mark Azavedo

Associate Fellow
Felo Bersekutu

Tel.: +66 (0)93 819 4165
E-mail: markazavedo@yahoo.co.uk
Areas of Specialization: Management

Dr. Gabriel Facal

Associate Fellow
Felo Bersekutu

Tel.: (033) 06-26-15-46-90
E-mail: facalgab@yahoo.fr
Areas of Specialization: Social Anthropology

Dr. David H.J. Neo

Associate Fellow
Felo Bersekutu

Tel.: +6 011 2320-0552
E-mail: psychedelicnietz@yahoo.com
Areas of Specialization: Cinema Studies