2025: UKM becomes World Class University

By Aini Hidayah Abdul Hadi
Photo of Corporate Communications Center

BANGI, March 4, 2020 – Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Prof Dato’ Ir Dr Mohd Hamdi Abd Shukor has set an aim for UKM to become a World Class University (WCU) by 2025.

His objectives and targets were presented during Bicara Perdana Naib Canselor 2020 which was attended by UKM’s top management, staff and students at Chancellor Tun Abdul Razak Hall, recently.

In the talk, Prof Dato’ Ir Dr. Mohd Hamdi outlined the UKM’s strategies, highlighting UKM achievement for 2019 and also the path UKM will take for 2020.

He also introduced the slogan High Performance Culture which focuses on the results, efficiency, constant learning and openness to change.

UKM’s goals for this year are to strive for high-quality research, teaching and learning empowerment, internationalization, highlighting the talent and sustainable funding.

Prof Dato’ Ir Dr Mohd Hamdi also further described year of 2019 as the foundation year for UKM, 2020 as the year of alignment and by 2021 UKM will undergo the empowerment year so that by the year 2025 UKM will become a World Class University.

“UKM has many great people, so we must optimize the potential and capability, and increase productivity in gaining success,” he said.

He also explained the characteristics of a World Class University starts with great lecturers that produce the best students in the University, support by efficient systems, produce high impact research, excellent teaching and received a lot of funds.

”UKM members need to work together to create a high performing culture so that UKM will be listed as World Class University,” he added.