Concern for Lack of Reference Books in Malay Language Inspired Jalaluddin to Write

By Asmahanim Amir
Pictures by Izwan Azman

BANGI, May 24, 2018 – Prof. Madya Dr. Jalaluddin Abdul Malek’s concern for the lack of books on information technology in Malay has led him to publish Bandaraya Bestari: Sistem Kerajaan Elektronik Dan Masyarakat Global Bermaklumat, which won him a National Book Award 2018.

Emerging as the Best General Book (Information Technology and Environmental Development) winner, he was inspired to write the book while doing a research on sustainability.

“Most of the books I referred to were in English and it triggered to me that there is a need for reference books in Malay language to be written.

“So, in 2015, I compiled the significant findings from my various research, and started to write a book in Malay language, which I felt would be comprehended by layman,” he explained.

Prof. Madya Dr. Jalaluddin’s book were among four books which received awards at the recent National Books Award 2018.

The books are Makanan Ubah Suai Genetik (GMF) Menurut Islam written by Dato’ Dr. Mohd. Izhar Ariff Mohd. Kashim which has won for Higher Education Category; Bahasa Melayu Moden Awal dan Analisis Dua Kata Kopula written by former UKM lecturer  Dr. Ismail Salleh which won the Best General Book (Linguistic Category) and Biografi Tengku Abdul Kadir Kamarudden: Raja Patani Terakhir written by Mohd. Zamberi Abdul Malek which won the Historical and Malay Sultanate Category.

In addition, Making the Past Present for the Future Integrated Heritage Conservation through Geopark Model, co-authored by Prof. Dr. Rahimah Abdul Aziz, Prof. Dr. Ong Puay Liu and Dr. Sarah Aziz won the Edited Book category at the recent MAPIM Award 2018.

UKM Press Chairman, Prof. Dr. Kamal Halili Hassan, said UKM constantly publishes high quality books and this is proven by the various awards garnered.

“This is part of our effort in enriching the book industry in our country,” he said.

Last year, UKM Press successfully published 99 original books and one edited book which encompasses the various academic fields.