e-AYVP Philippines 2021: Gain Leadership and Volunteerism Skills while Serving the Communities

By Asmahanim Amir
Pic Shahiddan Saidi & Izwan Azman

BANGI, 17 September 2021 – The e-ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme (e-AYVP) Philippines 2021 has officially ended after two weeks of insightful keynote sessions, thought-provoking discussions, and community engagement activities.

The programme, which garnered a total of 231 participants across ASEAN+3 countries, was organised by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) under the direction of Malaysia’s Ministry of Youth and Sports in collaboration with the University of the Philippines (UP).

This year’s e-AYVP focuses on the thematic area of Education Development, specifically in the topic of “Strengthening ASEAN Education Delivery Systems in Challenging Times”.

It was officiated by Minister of Youth and Sports, Dato’ Seri Ahmad Faizal Dato’ Azumu during the closing ceremony via a video conferencing platform.

In his speech, he said that in the most recent Joint Statement of ASEAN Youth Ministers on Enhancing Youth Cooperation for a Cohesive and Responsive ASEAN Community, ministers are committed to reiterating the ASEAN Youth Statement 2020, which includes a focus on building a strong network of youth through active and responsible participation in order to maximise the effectiveness of volunteerism, entrepreneurship, and other forms of youth participation.

“AYVP is inspired by the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Blueprint 2025, which calls for a dynamic ASEAN community that includes volunteering as a focus area. This programme is also part of the ASEAN Work Plan for Youth 2016–2020.

“It is an impactful programme, hence, it will continue as part of our commitment in the upcoming ASEAN Work Plan on Youth 2021–2025,” he continued.

Dato’ Seri Ahmad Faizal also expressed his hope that all participants have had the opportunity to connect with like-minded young people who share their passion, inspiring them to think beyond the traditional volunteer box and building trust while establishing a sense of community.

Also present at the closing ceremony was the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Industry, Alumni and Community Partnerships, UKM, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Norazah Mohd Nordin.

She stated that the collaboration between ASEAN youth and institutional partners involved will undoubtedly equip youth leaders with the necessary knowledge and 21st century skills to lead other youth in implementing online community projects in their respective home countries.

“The programme gathered ASEAN youth leaders to discuss best practises and lessons learned in addressing education delivery methods post-pandemic, including the creation of an online community project proposal, which they presented a day before the rite,” she said.

As part of the programme’s multiplier effect and sustainability, these youth leaders will work on Education Development proposals and have the opportunity to receive a seed grant of up to USD 500 for online project implementation in their home countries.

The main goal of AYVP is to promote youth volunteerism and community development among young people in ASEAN who are between the ages of 18 and 30 namely youth from higher education, colleges, and working professionals.

The e-AYVP Philippines 2021 seeks to develop ASEAN Youth Education Leaders with competencies and skills in youth leadership, education development, and shared ASEAN values through the spirit of volunteerism and community engagement.

Among the expert resource speakers at the 9th AYVP were representatives from government and international organisations, as well as faculty and university officials.