Father and Daughter Received Degree in UKM

By Tengku Nursharina Tengku Amri
Pix by Shahiddan Saidi

It was an emotional affair when a father and daughter received their scrolls at the UKM’s 44th Convocation Ceremony.

Saparuddin Zainuddin, 54, a Senior Administrative Officer at UKM’s Centre of Quality Assurance, said he was proud to receive his master’s degree with his daughter, Ain Suraya Hanom, 22 who did her bachelor’s degree.

“UKM is my family’s first choice when it comes to tertiary education and there are many other family members who graduated from UKM,” he said.

He said UKM provides the necessary facilities needed by each student.

“I did not encounter any problems during my study here.

“Although I took a Master’s degree with the part-time mode, but I was still able to manage my time very well,” he explained.

He was grateful to be able to complete all assignments, guided by reading materials obtained from the library and having understanding lecturers.

Saparuddin who has served for 32 years at UKM, hopes that other staff will also take the opportunity to pursue their higher education as the university is very supportive.

Saparuddin received a Master’s degree in Educational Administration from the Faculty of Education.

Meanwhile, his daughter, Ain Suraya Hanom, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the Faculty of Science and Technology.

She said, her father was a source of inspiration to continue her studies to a higher level.

“If my father can complete his Masters degree, it is not impossible for me to be as successful as him.

“He may be 50 years old, but he was always committed and never gave up in order to achieve success,” she said.