Religion and Peace For Harmonious Society

By Radzuan Ghazali
Pictures by Ahmad Shahidan Saidi

BANGI, 26 October 2016 – Members of the public were advised to focus on the tenets of their religion in an effort to create a harmonious society.

UKM Deputy Vice Chancellor of Industry and Community Partnership, Prof. Datuk Dr. Imran Ho Abdullah emphasized this matter in his opening speech of The 9th International Seminar on Religion and Development at Dewan Perdana FSSK, UKM, recently.

He said that the seminar on the issue is timely as terrorism acts is becoming widespread and often assumed as related to religion.

He further explained that the vicious acts were not only done by Muslim groups but also people of other religion, who do not prioritize harmony and people’s welfare.

“I think religion should is the main element to construct a positive identity and is able to give a positive impact to world peace,” he added.

Also present at the seminar organized by Usuluddin and Philosophy Department (JUF), Faculty of Islamic Studies (FPI) were the Dean, Prof. Dr. Wan Kamal Mujani, representative of Rector II of Institute of Islamic Religion of Ambon, Dr. Ismail DP, Chair of JUF, Prof. Madya Dr. Jaffary Awang and the Director of the seminar, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamarudin Salleh.

The two-day seminar was attended by 100 participants from both UKM and outsiders.ukmnewsportal-eg