Start Practicing Sustainable Campus At Colleges, Students Told

Start Practicing Sustainable Campus At Colleges, Students ToldBy Nasrullah Uul (UKM Intern)
Pix Izwan Azman

BANGI, 18 May 2015 – Students of The National University of Malaysia (UKM) must have a Sustainable Campus culture that begins at their residential colleges.

UKM Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) Prof Dato’ Dr Mazlin Mokhtar said residents of the colleges should voluntarily implement the sustainable campus together as an easy way to get started.

Opening the Sustainable Campus Convention 2015 (KKL2015) here on 25th April, Prof Mazlin said the sustainable campus practice in colleges  should be initiated by students as it will have a bigger impact overall.

He said a developing nation such as Malaysia needs to step up development based on a green and sustainable environment.

He said students should share ideas and give input on appropriate methods of conservation practiced in their respective campuses.

KKL2015 is a platform gathering representatives of higher education institutions to provide solutions and exchange views on appropriate method of conservation.

Also present at the event was director of the Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI) Prof Mohd Raihan Taha.

Said Prof Mazlin, the mindset of a sustainable environment should start with youths because if such efforts are implemented later with adults it would be more difficult to practise.

“The way we live is still far from sustainable. We can even see this at the very basic level, such as wasting water and throwing rubbish indiscriminately”, he explained.

KKL2015 had the theme ‘Sustainable Campus Reflects Innovative Students’ aimed at fostering and strengthening awareness of preserving and conserving the environment.

It also aimed to expose students to the latest approach for improving sustainability management and conservation efforts in the campus, as well as promoting their interaction with industry and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in sharing information and knowledge.

The event also featured talks, poster competitions and exhibitions on sustainability and green innovation initiatives.

Organised by LESTARI and the Ibu Zain Residential College, it attracted participants from 14 local public and private universities, officials of government agencies, private sector and NGOs, as well as lecturers and university officials.