The Art Of Special Needs Courtesy of UKM

By Saiful Bahri Kamaruddin

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 Oct –  The Faculty of Health Sciences (FSK) of The National University of Malaysia organised an art workshop for the disabled at The National Visual Arts Gallery in Kuala Lumpur today.

Some fifty children with special needs took part in the art workshop organised by the Speech Sciences Programme, School of Rehabilitation Sciences in collaboration with the Art Gallery beginning the previous day dubbed ‘Communication Through Arts: Let’s Create to Communicate’.

The workshop was part of the 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism (1MCAT) Art Bazaar sponsored by The National Visual Arts Gallery, which included a sharing session with Speech-Language Therapist (SLT) specialists and experts and Speech-language pathologists (SLP).

Admission was free and parents or guardians of the participants could consult SLT specialists and SLP, about how to help their charges.

Dr Juriza Ismail of the Faculty of Medicine, UKM  had a lecture about speech delay and the role of pediatricians, while speech therapist Dr Iffah Rashida met with parents who wanted to know about schooling their children with special needs and Sherin Sockmun gave advice about facilitating language in a fun way.

A parent of one of the children, who gave her name only as Sheila, said her nine year-old son has learning problems and cannot concentrate on even the simplest tasks.

“I was told he was going through a phase, and that he might improve with age. But I’m quite worried,” she said.

The art gallery is Malaysia’s official art venue for workshops and exhibitions. The gallery exhibits both local and foreign art works as well as photography. They also organise art classes for children.

The 1MCAT  is a visual feast showcasing a variety of exhibitions and activities, featuring works of local artistes presented in various media with techniques illustrating Malaysia’s colourful culture. ukmnewsportal-eg