The Rule of Law Should Comply with Implementation of Law made by the Legislative

By Inaara Aznan
Photos by Centre for Corporate Communication

BANGI, 3 December 2018 – The rule of law requires compliance with an implementation of law made by a legislative within an accountable democratic process, said the former of Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, The Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd.

He said the key characteristics of the rule of law, such as executive government should be ruled by law and be subject to it.

He also noted that there must be legal certainty and the prohibition of arbitrariness and abuse of power.

“They know a thorough understanding and access to justice and also there must be equality before the law,” he said.

Lord Thomas, who is the Chancellor of Aberystwyth University explains that the benefits of the rule of law are building economic prosperity; facilitates the good order of society locally and internationally.

“It is also ensuring that the executive government of the state is held to account by acting within the rule of law,” he said.

He said that at the 3rd Tuanku Muhriz Chancellor on the topic of “Whither The Rule of Law?”, recently.

In times of chaos and change in the era we live in, Lord Thomas thinks the foundation of the rule of law is the independence of the judiciary and its co-dependent relationship with the executive government.

“I do not think that people can look to the judiciary on its own to uphold and strengthen the rule of law” he said.

He wishes to understand what can be done and what should be done to support judges as the cornerstone of the rule of law.

He likes to begin with to look at these institutions of the state and their contribution they can make to the rule of law and embedding the rule of law as a part of our everyday culture.

All in all, the speech aims to improve our judicial system. Law is the key to a prosperous nation.