The War in Syria May Last A few Decades

By Nadia Sapuan

BANGI, 11 May 2017 –  The crisis in Syria, a tragedy which began in 2011, will most probably lasts a few decades.

Mahamad Nour Rajab who is a Syrian citizen who lives in Malaysia, said the war caused a lot of casualties and will probably continue for several decades because it involves many groups of people.

“I believe that no one knows when the war will end, but eventually, I’m sure there will be a demographic distribution of the division caused by the war because situations right now is very complicated.

“There are too many parties involved in this war, which led the people to be unsure of who they are fighting with,” he said.

He was speaking at the  MENA Roundtable Program Series 1/2017, themed Crisis in Syria: When Will It End?,  recently.

Meanwhile, Vice President of the Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organizations (MAPIM), Sani Araby Al – Kahery explained that the war situation in Syria and Gaza is different because of the pattern of the war in Syria that keeps changing from time to time.

“Instead of thinking of when the war would end, we should think of how to help them, in terms of food, education and other aspects,” he said.

He added that currently there were many Malaysians who participated in a humanitarian mission to the countries that are  facing a crisis such as Syria and Rohingya.

MENA Roundtable Series 1/2017 organized by the Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (IKMAS) aimed to discuss, share knowledge and experience on the issues of the Syrian crisis.

Also present at the event Director of IKMAS, Prof Dato’ Dr Ramli Rashila and another speaker, Freelance Journalist, Chris Lau.