Three Zeros Club to Strengthen Malaysia Social Business

Oleh: Farah A’lia Manan & Mohamad Salleh Sulieman

BANGI, 30 Jun 2021- Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Prof Muhammad Yunus introduced the Three Zeros Club to encourage the establishment of new social businesses in the area of net carbon emission, poverty and unemployment.

“We have just launched a new initiative for young people age from 12 to 35 years old. They can form a club and see what they can do in regard to this initiative,” he said.

He also explained it is about time for young people to determine their own direction.

“Young people can take over responsibility on creating their own world than waiting for older generation to hand over things to them,” he said during the opening speech at the Social Business Day (SBD) Country Forum Malaysia 2021.

Social Business Day (SBD) is a yearly celebration of Social Businesses around the world organised by the Yunus Centre, a one-stop hub developed by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Prof Muhammad Yunus, to help promote and disseminate the principles of social business.

This year, social businesses will also gather to renew their commitment to the “No Going Back” policy as they discuss and chart new routes to how we do business and make this world a better place.

​Meanwhile, the Head of the YSCB UKM, Dr. Lokhman Hakim Osman said, this country forum saw extinguished speakers sharing their experience, challenges, and aspirations.

“This is why Social Business Day was conceived 11 years ago so we can actually get our battery recharge for the coming year.

“We can listen to what they have been doing in the realm of social business within the context of Malaysia.

“This is not only in relations to the challenges that we (the eco-system players) have been facing but also how we are going to give back to the community in terms of social business development,” he explained.

The three-day program saw Country Forums were conducted and hosted by each member countries respectively starting the 28th of June 2021.

Country Forum Malaysia saw the involvement of major social business stakeholders (public and private universities, social business owners, policy makers and other interested parties) in Malaysia and the forum was organized by YSBC Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and the local NGO, myHarapan.