Twins among those registered in UKM

By Asmahanim Amir
Pix Abdul Raai Osman

BANGI, 29 August 2016 – A pair of twins, Abdul Rahman Bahtiar and Abdul Rahim Bahtiar, 19, from Raub, Pahang choose The National University of Malaysia (UKM) as a place to study to realize their dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Abdul Rahman, who is the elder twin said he and his brother have had the same ambition since they were young.

“Our interest in becoming entrepreneurs grew because we want to continue our father’s apam balik business.

“In fact, our sister is also an entrepreneurial student at Universiti Utara Malaysia,” he said at the registration of new students, in Bangi, recently.

He said the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in UKM was their first choice and they are grateful because it was realized.

His twin, Abdul Rahim said UKM is their first choice because UKM is one of the best universities in Malaysia.

“The course offered by UKM fulfil our needs as a student,” he said.

Their mother, Hazlina Abdullah, 49, said she and her husband encourage their children to choose an area of study that interests them.

 “As a parent, I encourage my children to pursuit their dreams.

“Coincidentally, Abdul Rahman and Abdul Rahim have the same interest and they always do various activities together,” she said.

Meanwhile, for alumni of UKM, Almi Hidayah Mohamad Ardzi, 49, she did not think that her daughter would follow her steps in pursuing he education at UKM.

 “I was a student at the Faculty of Education when my daughter, Nur Adlina Yusrina Yusoff, was conceived.

 “This is the university if her choice and, I am thankful because she was among the selected few who were chosen to register today,” she said.

Nur Adlina Yusrina is a first year student at the School of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics and Management.ukmnewsportal-eg