UKM, First Higher Education Institution to Collaborate with Perbadanan Wakaf Selangor

By Asmahanim Amir
Pictures by Ikhwan Hashim

SHAH ALAM, 3 April 2017 – Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) is the first Higher Education Institution to establish a collaboration with Perbadanan Wakaf Selangor (PWS) to help manage its Usahasama Wakaf Ilmu UKM Project.

Director of Yayasan Canselor UKM, Ahmad Zakie Ahmad Shariff said the Usahasama Wakaf Ilmu UKM project is a fund which adopts the waqf methods to help finance academic activities involving UKM.

“Most of the waqf that we accept now is cash waqf which is contributed through salary deduction every month.

“We also welcome staff or alumni who want to give Waqf, in the form of assets such as land, buildings, and vehicles.

“We will collaborate with PWS to manage that waqf,” he said at the Signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) Ceremony between UKM and PWS recently.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of PWS, Abu Bakar Yang said PWS has a proper governance process to ensure that all Waqf are properly managed.

He said PWS has been authorised by the Selangor Islamic religious Council to manage waqf trust in Selangor.

“Regardless of whether lands or buildings were Waqf, it is our (PWS) responsibility to ensure the assets do not go to a third party.

“If the waqf is to UKM, we will ensure that is given to UKM,” he explained.