UKM Gives Back to Community

By  Radzuan Ghazali
Pix By Ikhwan Hashim

GRIK, 6 August 2016 – The National University of Malaysia (UKM) illustrated a great example on how a University can positively contribute to the society when it recently distributed 13 packs of rice and other groceries to the Gomba Adik, the Tok Batin of Kampung Chuweh, at Banding Island, Grik, Perak.

UKM Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Industry and Community Partnership), Prof Dato’ Dr Imran Ho said that these forms of community service is part of the university’s initiative in helping the community.

UKM will also help develop an Early Childcare and Education Centre which will prepare children for formal education. In addition, Solar Energy Institute (SERI) UKM will plant solar panel to three houses to provide electricity for the households.

Prof Imran also suggested that UKM Community Transformation Centre (UCTC) organize visits to enable people from Kampung Chuweh to visit UKM.

“It is necessary to be in order to let the Orang Asli experience campus life. At the same time it is an opportunity to establish a good relationship between UKM and the Orang Asli community,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tok Batin Gomba expressed his gratitude upon the visits and contributions given by UKM.

He also suggested that the contributions should also be in forms of agricultural or marine facilities as it will help the locals to be independent and earn their own living.

Kampung Chuweh is a small village which is a 2 hour-boat-ride from the Banding Jetty. It is home to 43 people, which include 18 adults and 24 children from the Jahai tribe.

14 UKM officers and staff were involved in this community service project which took place from 5 to 7 August 2016.ukmnewsportal-eg