UKM – Latin America Cooperation

Oleh Radzuan Ghazali
Foto : Abdul Raai Othman

BANGI, 19 October 2016 – UKM will be enhancing its cooperation with the Latin America, especially Equador, as it is seen as a move which will benefit both parties.

The initiative was deliberated between UKM Vice-Chancellor, Prof Datuk Dr Noor Azlan Ghazali and Universiti Ixtlahuaca Rector Prof. Ortego Margharoti Ballesteroes at the International Seminar on Asean and Latin American Studies, recently.

During the opening ceremony of the international seminar, Prof Datuk Dr Noor Azlan Ghazali said that UKM will also be building its relationship with Argentina and Brazil.

Other officials present were Director General of American and Southern Pacific Affairs, Latin American Ambassadors, Director of Malaysia and International Research Institute (IKMAS) UKM, Prof Dr Rashila Ramli and Head of America Latin Research Centre, Prof Madya Dr Zarina Othman.ukmnewsportal-eg