UKM-LLM Collaborate to Improve Malaysia’s Highway System

By Iznee Isa
Pictures by Izwan Azman

BANGI, 10 August 2017- Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) pledged its commitment in activities related to the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) when it signed a Memorandum of Understanding, recently.

These include providing laboratory facilities for mutual use and giving support to LLM employees who wish to further their studies in UKM.

UKM Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dato’ Seri Dr Noor Azlan Ghazali said that the collaboration between UKM, through the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, and LLM, will greatly contribute in improving Malaysia’s highway system.

“Studies on drivers such as how they react to accidents and deal with traffic can be conducted to further understand their behaviour when they are on the road.

“I believe, the findings would be beneficial in making our highway system more efficient,” he said.

Meanwhile, LLM Chairman, Dato’ Dr Noor Azmi Ghazali hoped that through this collaboration, the implementation of a more economical and innovative project to improve Malaysian highway system can be realized for the benefits of its users and progress of the country.

“We want our highway to be a global standard, in line with the target of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and if we do not aim for this now, we will be left behind,” he explained.

“Hopefully this cooperation will continue and then we can think about how we can make the national highways, something to be proud of,” he said.

Also present at the ceremony were LLM Director General Datuk Ir Ismail Md Salleh and FKAB Dean, Prof Dato’ Ir Dr Abd Wahab Mohammad.