UKM organise Robotic Competition in conjunction with 44th Convocation Carnival.

The Faculty of Technology and Information Science (FTSM), UKM, held the Robotics Challenge 2016 programme in conjunction with UKM’s 44th Convocation Carnival, here, recently.

The competition, which focuses on creativity and innovation was divided into two categories: secondary school and Higher education institution.

“Each group were represented by three members, and they need to face the challenge in line tracker within the shortest time,” said the Head Programme, Aiman Bazli Zuraimi.

He said the competition received an overwhelming response from the school and he hoped that it could continue in the future to gain the interest of the young generation in the field of Robotics.

Among the school which participated were SMK Kompleks KLIA, SMK Jalan 4 and SMJK Katholik, while there are four groups from FTSM.

SMJK Khatolik has been announced as emerged as the champion and was awarded RM300.